Horizontal and vertical small wind turbines

Small wind turbines offer high energy yield on small space. The different types of designs are optimized for the location.

Vertical small wind turbines

Vertical small windmills have some advantages over horizontal small wind turbines. They can often start with less wind with electricity production and have less impact on the landscape with sound and shadows. In addition, the wind turbines can be mounted at a lower distance, allowing more power per area to be produced.

Toyoda 300W - 5.000W

Vertical small wind turbine by Toyoda

The small windmill TYD-V is a universally applicable small wind turbine for almost every location. Small dimensions and flexible mounting options enable the production of electricity not only on and off buildings, but also for masts with advertising carriers, mobile locations, vehicles or ships, the wind turbines are suitable.

The wind turbines were also designed for the self-sufficient power supply of shelters, rural areas, telecommunication masts, independent buildings, houses or as particularly informative advertising medium for companies with renewable energies.

The small wind turbine is flexibly adaptable to the location and requirements. Height and diameters are modifiable and can be manufactured according to your own wishes.


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OmeraStream 5 kW - 12 kW

5kW  small wind turbine from OmeraStream

Small wind turbines are designed for near-earth winds (10m to 40m hub). Specially shaped, multi-part rotor blades generate electric power even in low winds (light breeze). OmeraStream is German engineering performance from Saxony-made in Germany

  • Standard-oriented production according to German standards
  • Patent-protected product line
  • No noise, max. 50 revolutions per minute ("low speed system")
  • Very low running resistance due to optimized shaft storage


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Micro-Wind turbine LWS

air flow turbine

Aesthetic claim coupled with the desire for independent electricity production.

This vertical small wind turbine has outstanding properties in inhabited areas. The air flow turbine is designed for horizontal mounting. This allows the micro wind turbine to be installed exactly where the most wind is. No matter whether on the roof, the garage roof or in the draughty passageways. The turbine uses the positive effects like the SpeedUp effect optimally. The small wind turbine is perfectly adapted to your domestic wind conditions. Only the best materials such as stainless steel and aluminium are used. Based on the construction, the plant is in many places without approval.

Electricity production already starts at about 1.7 meters. The wind turbine is designed to perform virtually maintenance-free, low-noise and "indestructible" work. A combination of several turbines to increase performance is possible without any problems. Ideal also in combination with photovoltaics.

Horizontal small wind turbines

The design of the horizontal wind turbines has prevailed in the course of time. Therefore, these characterise the typical appearance of a wind turbine. Mostly three wings are used, an active wind tracking and gearless generators. This means that these plants have a very high efficiency.

C&F 11kW - 100kW

horizontal small wind turbine with 30kWSmall wind turbines of the manufacturer C&F green Energy offer the possibility to generate electricity themselves. More than 25 years of experience, more than 1,000 installed wind turbines and practical research form the basis for the quality and efficiency of the plants. To ensure that the high standards of the market are always met, our plants are subject to continuous further development. The plants are designed as Luv runners and have a dynamic but at the same time quiet trefoil rotor, which is connected by direct drive to the current generating generator. This gearless drive allows the energy losses to be low and the noise emission to be kept low. The variable speed operation also improves the efficiency of the rotor and thus the energy yield from the wind. The mains connection is indirectly via a converter system, which is integrated in the control cabinet. By integrating several security systems on the basis of international standards, it is possible to ensure trouble-free and safe operation of the system.

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