horizontal and vertical small wind turbines

Small wind turbines offer high energy yields in a small space. We use the different designs in an optimized way for the location.

vertical small wind turbines

Vertical small wind turbines have some advantages over horizontal small wind turbines. They can often start producing electricity with less wind and have less impact on the landscape with sound and shadows. In addition, the wind turbines can be mounted at a smaller distance, which means that more power can be produced per area.

Ecorote 300 W - 9,8 kW

Bild ecorote 2800

The Ecorote small wind turbine is a universally applicable small wind turbine for almost any location. Small dimensions and the flexible installation options enable electricity production not only on and next to buildings, the wind turbines are also suitable for masts with advertising media, mobile locations, vehicles or ships.

The wind turbines were also designed for the self-sufficient power supply of shelters, rural areas, telecommunications masts, independent buildings, houses or as a particularly meaningful advertising medium for companies with renewable energies.

Ecorote turbines are manufactured by Hipar in Poland. As a supplier to the German automotive industry, Hipar is used to high product standards. The systems are characterized by high processing quality and durability. The system was tested under the extreme conditions of the Antarctic. We prefer to use the systems for our lanterns and self-sufficient energy containers, but the system is also becoming increasingly important for supplying single-family homes and for presentation purposes on office buildings.

We have the following sizes in our portfolio: 300W, 1,000W, 1,500W, 2,800W, 5,000W and 9,800W; 14,800W and 19,800W are currently in the planning or development phase.



The LS Helix 3.0 vertical axis wind turbine is LuvSide's 3rd generation Savonius rotor model.

Newly launched in April 2020, the LS Helix 3.0 adopts the standard helix design.

The LS Helix 3.0 wind turbine is shaped to interact efficiently with the aerodynamic flow. She can already

operate in low wind speeds (4 m/s (14 km/h)) and achieve optimal performance withoutMicrosoftTeams image 1 significantly increasing wind speed requirements.

As a further development of our vertical wind turbines in the Savonius style, the LS Helix 3.0 impresses with greater performance and higher energy efficiency, coupled with the decoupling of the turbine using an innovative vibration damper, which means that no structure-borne noise is passed on and thus a roof installation is possible. The LuvSide turbines connect a compact exterior with the benefits of effortless maintenance. The rotor itself houses all the essential technical components that together initiate your personal energy revolution.

Under optimal wind conditions, they produce up to 5.0 kW of electricity. With the possibility of self-assembly, the turbines work in turbulent wind conditions as well as at low wind speeds.


      Nominal Power                 3.0 kW at 52 fps         
      Maximum Power Output           5.0 kW at 65.6 fps  
      Rotor Diameter       7.2 ft  
      Rotor Height       13.7 ft
      Start-up wind speed

      13 fps (8.7 mph)

      Max. wind speed before destruction           164 fps (112 mph)




Horizontal small wind turbines

The design of the horizontal wind turbines has prevailed over time. Therefore, they characterize the typical appearance of a wind turbine. Mostly three blades are used, active yaw and gearless generators. As a result, these systems have a very high level of efficiency.

Antaris 2,5kW - 12,5kW

horizontale Kleinwindanlage uniwindThe Antaris small wind turbines are manufactured in Germany and are the best-selling small wind turbines in Germany. The ANTARIS wind turbine is a small wind turbine that is ideal for inland locations. Due to its very robust and well thought-out design, the ANTARIS wind turbine is also suitable for stormy areas, optionally with different repeller diameters (2.30m - 6.50m). The ANTARIS small wind turbines are manufactured at the highest level in order to achieve a technical service life of 20 years and more.

FX Serie from 20kW to 100kW

horizontale Kleinwindanlage uniwind

Small wind turbines of the ESPE FX series offer high and constant performance with the most compact dimensions. Inquiries are already possible from 2.8 m/s and from only 9.5 m/s the rated output is reached and can be maintained up to 25 m/s.

To ensure that the high standards of the market are always met, the systems are subject to continuous further development. The turbines are designed as windward runners and have a dynamic but at the same time quiet three-blade rotor, which is connected to the power-generating generator via a direct drive. This gearless drive makes it possible to keep energy losses low and noise emissions low. The variable-speed operation also improves the efficiency of the rotor and thus the energy yield from the wind. The grid connection is made indirectly via a converter system that is integrated in the control cabinet. By integrating several safety systems based on international standards, it is possible to ensure trouble-free and safe operation of the system.


We can also design all systems with storage and photovoltaics to suit your needs. For grid feed-in, self-sufficiency, battery charging, heating operation or also for pumps.

Larger wind turbines from 150kW are also available on request.