Self-sufficient power supply with photovoltaic and wind energy.

Our off-grid energy containers for self-sufficient power production

The main potential of IPs lies in the developing and emerging countries of Asia and South America, but above all also on the African continent. Similarly, applications can be conceived in all other regions of the world where energy is needed, but the creation of a corresponding infrastructure is too costly and costly. The possible use ranges from the supply of a remote antenna station to the fight against poverty through access to electrical energy as basic services in the underdeveloped regions of the world.

Possible target groups for IPs containers:


  • Research and monitoring stations
  • Relief agencies and civil protection
  • Mobile operator
  • Rental companies for the supply and development of sites
  • Combating poverty through electrification programmes in the national and international Framework IPs is where the classical systems have their limits.

Long-term operating time for self-sufficient operation and the possibility of the overall system the IPS system offers all interested parties a electrification solution in undeveloped areas, which is an excellent value for money and also The use of renewable energies also generates corresponding CO2 savings.

Self-sufficient energy container

In the development of the self-sufficient energy system, we have put emphasis on flexibility. This allows the containers to be modularly adapted to the situation.