Commercial and industrial

We plan individual supply concepts with renewable energies for the large electricity needs of companies. Large roof areas are mostly suitable for photovoltaics. If the roof loads are insufficient, we can use foils which have a weight reduction of up to 75%. Small wind turbines are used here for advertising and image-promoting measures.


Small wind turbines for supplying stables or storage buildings can be planned individually. Coupled with photovoltaics and storage, farmers benefit from their own electricity and can cut peak loads. This lowers electricity costs and increases their profitability. In addition, by producing climate-neutral electricity, you set an example for the environment. Promote your environmentally friendly image and improve your carbon footprint.


With our solutions you create a piece of independence and at the same time sustainably reduce your electricity costs. The Ecorote 2800 product type in particular is a suitable generator for private households. Its design and dimensions allow a process-free construction in many cases. Ideal for coupling with photovoltaics and storage systems. Also as a kit for retrofitting with charging stations for electric vehicles.


Cities and municipalities benefit from self-sufficient street lighting as well as holistic concepts for cost savings in electricity, heating and ventilation with the solar air collectors. Also suitable for listed buildings.

Housing cooperatives

With innovative supply concepts, landlords create further opportunities to retain tenants. Furthermore, additional sources of income can be generated, for example with tenant electricity concepts or heating support with air collectors.


Attractive investments with wind turbines, photovoltaics or storage with regular power supply. We plan and implement your dream project. Throughout Germany and across borders.

self-sufficient power supply

Electricity anywhere in the world. The individual combinations of small wind turbines, photovoltaics, power storage and backup generator ensure an uninterrupted supply. Worldwide and scalable.
Particularly suitable for supplying cell phone masts. Our flexible storage facilities can be dynamically adapted to supply requirements.

modern outdoor advertising

Modern companies use the small wind turbines as an advertising medium. The extraordinary concept of this outdoor advertising carries the environmentally friendly statement of your company like no other.