Our services

Wind measurements

If no wind data is available, we recommend a wind measurement. We will build it at the location of the planned wind turbines. We create meaningful location analyzes for you to assess the investment. Alternatively, you can rent our professional wind measuring stations. We record all wind movements at a height of 10m or more for at least 3 months. With the help of this data, we create an individual profitability forecast. You can find offers for your own measuring station in our shop.

Planning and location analyzes

In order to be able to optimally use the performance of wind turbines and photovoltaics, one should plan their use precisely according to the given possibilities. By comparing different scenarios, we will find the right place for renewable energies and optimal services for your needs. With the help of precise analyzes, energy losses can be reduced and used more efficiently. We also support you in the implementation of your photovoltaic or wind project.

Assembly, maintenance and repair

Our assembly team, with over 20 years of experience, is available worldwide for the transport, assembly, dismantling and connection of individual wind turbines and photovoltaics of all sizes, right up to wind farms and photovoltaic open spaces. Furthermore, we support you with maintenance and repairs of damage to your generation plant.

Repowering with vertical turbines

Finding new areas for traditional wind turbines is becoming increasingly difficult. Vertical runners can be used where traditional wind turbines cannot be built. Power classes from 500KW to several megawatts are in development.


  • no impairment of flying animals
  • low noise exposure of residents
  • no cast shadows
  • Cost advantage through a simpler and faster approval process
  • old wind farms that can no longer be approved today can be repowered without any problems
  • more power generation in less space, in relation to the horizontal construction
  • can be set up where horizontal systems are not permitted

Application areas:

  • Wind farms
  • Repowering
  • ownconsumption

In development! Current status: test run of the prototype

Expected series production: 2025

We are also happy to offer you our service as a general contractor when you renew your photovoltaic system.

Solutions to save energy

In addition to the in-house production of electricity, lowering the energy requirement also helps reduce energy costs.

Photovoltaics and small wind systems in combination with heating

  • Suitable for all gas and liquid fuel heating systems
  • Renewable energies to support the heating system
  • optimal use of wind energy if there is no need for heating, energy is fed into the house network
  • Any surplus is fed into the public grid and remunerated in accordance with the EEG
  • individual adaptation to needs and usage behavior

LED lighting

  • high quality LED light sources reduce energy consumption by up to 75%
  • available in various designs and performance classes
  • suitable for all structures and forms of use
  • detailed advice on your individual lighting design

Smart grid systems

  • Energy is used more efficiently
  • Systems communicate intelligently via an independent Bluetooth network
  • no complex cabling necessary
  • Central monitoring and creation of electricity usage plans, also possible via the Internet
  • can be used for any type of electricity consumer
  • Ideal for all buildings, whether private, commercial or municipal
  • Integration of renewable energies for even better use

Energy consulting and management

Comprehensive advice on energy use and optimization. We support you in the implementation of energy management systems (EMS) and help you prepare for the ISO 50001 or EFQM model. Consultations take place comprehensively on all energy sources such as heat, cold, electricity, pressure or light. We particularly consider renewable energies as well as new energy sources such as hydrogen and its storage options.