Small wind turbines as innovative advertising media

Outdoor advertising flags are out!

Sagging rides, which are torn by the wind and are filthy, do not create a good impression on the company. They have to be constantly renewed and rattle loudly in the wind. Now separate yourself from outdated advertising media and step into the future!

The future-oriented company uses advertising small wind turbines.

A striking design, with high-gloss lacquer and advertising message, ensure the ultimate eye-catcher. Use small wind turbines as an advertising medium for your company and give your prospects and customers the message that your company is a modern, future-oriented endeavor which takes responsibility for the environment and our children.

We have optimized the savinous rotor with regard to advertising capability.

  • Large areas for your advertising slogan or logo
  • Individual coloring
  • Adaptable to all locations and conditions
  • Easy and quick Assembly
  • Concrete foundation to be used as a flying construction
  • Mobile applications
  • Our specialized advertising partner is at your disposal with ideas.

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