Professional modular wind measurement systems

Do not limit yourself to the standard. The modular system "wind2measure" can be individually adapted to the desired requirements.

Combine data loggers and measuring devices for the values you want to record.

The following data loggers are available:

  • datalogger-visio-smallWireless Data Logger Radio-recording of 5 measuring instruments, GSM/GPRS data transmission and evaluation via an Internet portal
  • Data Logger Basic-2 measuring devices are logged, convenient evaluation possibility via free analysis software
  • Data logger Advanced-3 measuring instruments are recorded, including software
  • Data logger Visio-3 inputs, incl. display with alarm function for monitoring freely adjustable values

Freely combinable measuring instruments for all data loggers:

  • Davis Vantage Pro-high quality combined wind direction sensor + velocity
  • PM1S + PM1D-favorable Anemometer + direction sensor
  • Thies wind speed + direction-high quality measuring equipment for professional use, Anemometer and direction sensor
  • Temperature sensor-1m flexible cable with measuring range-40 °c to 70 °c
  • Air pressure sensor-compact sensor with an accuracy of only 0, 3mbar
  • Humidity and temperature sensor combination sensor with measuring range 0%-100% RH and-40 °c to 70 °c
  • Rain sensor Kalyx-rain gauge for professional applications with a resolution of only 0, 2mm
  • Rain sensor Davis-high-quality rain knife with 214 cm2 measuring surface

Due to the combination of the different sensors, the application cases are manifold. Whether for simple wind measurement, as a full-fledged weather station, for building monitoring, recording climate changes, for training or also for monitoring on yachts, construction cranes or drilling rigs.

Let us advise you. We will create an individual offer for your application.

For easy use we have compiled a starter package for wind measurement.

Starter Package Wind Measurement

Consisting of wind direction sensor, speed and data logger.

wind direction sensor PM1Dstarterpaket

Wind direction sensor suitable for W2M data logger

  • Range 360 °
  • Resolution 8 points (45 °) on the compass
  • Measuring Method 8 Switching points
  • Weight 200g

Wind speed sensor PM1S

Anemometer suitable for W2M data logger

  • Range 0 -44,5m/s
  • Accuracy 1m/s or 10%
  • Cable length 5m
  • LWH: 381x38x457mm
  • Weight 200g

Data logger wind measuring system W2M

The data logger records all pulses of the measuring unit and values them. No measurement gaps by 5 or 10 minute intervals. Wind direction and speed are recorded.

You can then easily read the data via the USB interface without having to interrupt the measurement or open the device. The data can then be analyzed via the PC.

Modern energy-efficient components are installed, so the battery only has to be changed every six months.

Evaluation is carried out via the included analysis software and without any time restrictions.

IP55-splash-water and dust-proof compatible with the appropriate measuring instruments from Thies, Davis and PM1

For only 259,-€ incl. Value Added tax plus €6.90 shipping within Germany.